About Performance Making and Theatre

At Dramask we are passionate about creative performance making with children and young people.  Pyn Stockman is available to work with your class, year group or key stage to create end of year productions, advise staff and develop a play in a day.

You can opt for one of our existing scripts (all developed and created like all our work with schools) or we can use a range of dramatic techniques to work with your school to develop your own.

if choose an existing script or structure there I will still be room for your children to input. We do not sell our scripts permission to use them comes free with a day long workshop.

Alternativley you may prefer your class to script or devise their own work.

Pyn also has extensive experience using Shakespeare’s plays to develop year 6 events and performances.

You may like to look at past projects to see what the schools we have worked with have already achieved

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