Enigma CBSO Mask Making and Performance

The project began with a short semi improvised interactive performance to practically demonstrate the collaborative practice that I have been developing with musician Jackie Tyler (link)  since we first worked together in 2005 (link to Petrushka).This was followed with a hands on workshop  introduction to the art forms.

Mr Long Nose Created by Pyn Stockman

Mr Long Nose Created by Pyn Stockman

The pupils developed characters in response to Elgar’s music. (The Enigma variations are character driven themes based on Elgar’s friends. ) Our working method was to devise and develop a set of  characters through mask making these were then shared with the music makers who created themes to represent each of the characters. Finally the mask makers became performers using the masks and music as inspiration to develop short movement sequences that had a narrative quality.

EnigmaThere was a great sense of  collaboration not only within the class but across the year group. The pupils worked creatively and imaginatively with the material and exceeded all expectations in the creation of their masks. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to share the painting techniques of Familie Floez with whom I had worked the previous Summer, made possible by the openess of both staff and pupils. A special thank you to Miss Reynolds for letting me use so much paint and water and removing all the tables and chairs from her classroom so we could sit in circle and paint:)


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