Lordswood Girls School Mask Making

The masks in this gallery were all created by students studying for the design diploma at Lordswood Girls School. Through practical demonstrations and hands on experiences the students were introduced to a range of mask making techniques. There was an opportunity to discuss their ideas and guide them through a design process, before working to realise the designs through their chosen making technique.

Venetian Inspired Mask

Venetian Inspired Mask Lordswood Girls School Diploma Course Module

Most students chose to use the gum strip and tissue paper technique as it suited their designs. But two were keen to explore the further possibilities that were offered by creating a design in clay and making the mask using a papier mache technique.

Spirit Mask

Spirit Mask Lordswood Girls School Diploma Course Module

All students  worked independently to develop the masks between sessions but I know that the two made from a clay design put in a lot of extra time.

All the results are fantastic and show a real understanding of the medium. Most of these masks were made as artifacts rather than for use in performance



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