Macbeth Murder Mystery

Macbeth Murder Mystery at Rookery Primary School. An end of year production and event including workshops led by the children.

This ambitious event was developed with year 6 and their teachers.  As director and creative facilitator I worked with the students to develop an understanding of the plot, characters and text as well as rehearsing selected scenes .

These were performed in various settings  in the Sports and Arts Centre (transformed by the design team into Macbeths castle) and a range of  outside spaces  (including half way up a fire escape).It was sometimes easy to forget that the performers were still in primary school as they reached such a genuinely high level.

Particular note to the wonderful witches who took their parts with the seriousness of professionals, working independently to develop their characters and shadow work that formed the Witches Room Installation featured here. As well as being part of the main body of the action.

A Macbeth Murder Mystery – Rookery Primary School Year 6 Event – July 2010 by marcreck


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