KS1 Aston Tower Primary School Seaside Project 2010 – The Island

Story Making and Performance Project Aston Tower Primary School Year Two

Based the theme The Seaside Dramask was engaged to deliver a WOW factor project  for the second year .

The children work with 3 artists from different disciplines Drama/Storymaking Pyn Stockman, Art Angela Connors and music Ann Jones

The  process involved the children  working creatively to develop a narrative structure, characters, dramatic action, songs and visual art (place setting)

These were woven together and presented in a celebratory performance to parents and the rest of the school.

The children began the exploration by joining storyteller Pyn on an improvised; narrated journey along the beach uncovering and discovering objects. The objects, sound and recorded music were used as a basis for the creative work. Using the children’s ideas, improvisation and games the story begins to unfold. Sessions were planned responsively to the children’s suggestions and all decisions were made collectively.

Script Extract – The Storm (all words from Year 2)

Narrator               That night the thunder came,

Bringing with it the fog and the rain

It was dark and it was spooky.

The children tried to use torches to light the way

But the storm went higher and louder

The waves were crashing over the sides of the boat

The children felt as if they were drowning

ACTIVITY: On the boat in a storm.

Narrator               Then just as the storm was at its darkest

The clouds cleared and for a moment the moon shone brightly

And the children could see an Island

Boy                        We’re saved,

Girl                         There’s the Island  

Narrator               But the moon was replaced by a sudden bright blue and white light that dazzled their eyes.


And from somewhere there was an awful, terrible wailing.

The children didn’t know what to do

The boat was out of their control and they were crashing into the rocks.

The boat broke and the boat fell down and the children swam for shore.


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