Storytelling and Performances

Pyn Stockman has worked as a storyteller and performer in curious settings, schools, festivals and community venues. Dramask offers a range  of off the peg performances  that will inspire and delight family and school audiences.

Dramatic Storytelling

Performances are interactive and often involve props and puppets. They can be followed by a drama or craft workshop to enhance the experience. Many of the storytelling performances have been developed through residencies in schools through Warwick Arts Centre and Birmingham Hippodrome. They now exist as dramatic and interactive storytelling performances in their own right.

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Stories Available for telling:

Hansel and Gretel – An adventure story

Rumplestiltskin – riddles and rhymes

Lisa and The Chewing Gum – a modern day Cinderella

The Firebird

How Turtle Got a Cracked Back

Swans, Geese and Ravens

Roots and Seeds

If you have a specific theme or request then please get in touch or on 07828 766714

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