The continuing adventures of Penguin Small Dramatic Storytelling – KS1

The continuing adventures of Penguin Small was a dramatic storytelling project delivered at Little Heath Primary School with year 1 and their teachers, it was part of a year long residency in KS1 and foundation through Warwick Arts Centres Cov Cool Kids Programme.

Red Ibis BirdsThis was a really special project. The children had already read Penguin Small with their teacher and this was used as a springboard into exploring a range of traditional stories from around the world with  Penguin Small as the central  protagonist.

The project aimed to improve the childrens’ language, literacy and listening skills. This was achieved in a variety of ways :physicalising new descriptive words, taking on roles within the story and being invited to work in small groups to re tell the stories. The recording you can hear is one such re telling. For this the children were not reading but were encouraged to hear the story absorb it and make it their own. At the age of 6 they proved themselves to be  fine storytellers confident in their retelling ,able to develop characters and use language in a dynamic  way. The project culminated in a live performance to family and friends that used the audio as a soundtrack. The work was also continued and used in class with their teacher

The audio was created in collaboration with Marc Reck of Reckorder



Devised, written and performed by 90 year 6 pupils from Parkgate Primary School under the direction and creative facilitation of Pyn Stockman. Working in collaboration with musician Daz Adderley with additional audio sound track developed with Marc Reck.

This was a fantastic extravaganza and celebration of the pupils own take on The Beatles Experience and the . Exploring themes such as growing up and friendship as well as providing an insight into the period itself. This project was superbly supported by year 6 staff who among many other things worked with students to create a fantastic backdrop and series of album covers.

Audio Track created by Marc Reck of Reckorder